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Hagop Manoyan Antique Rugs

Hagop predominantly deals in antique rugs and carpets. Along with authentic carpets, he also has an abundance of textiles of all kinds, but above all, he specializes in Caucasian, Anatolian, Persian, Turkmen, Baluch rugs and those of China as well. Hagop Manoyan was born in one of Turkey's major cities, Istanbul, to Armenian parents in 1964. Later in life, he moved to London in 1989 where he was exposed to European culture, taste, collecting styles and general market trends. He eventually moved to New York City in 1994 to further expand his contacts and develop a business trading in high quality antique rugs that not only look amazing but also a great long term investment.Together with the invaluable assistance of his wife Kozet, who is very helpful in every aspect of the business, Hagop remains one of the most active dealers of collectible and tribal rugs, participating in antique and trade shows all over the United States and Europe.
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Hagop Manoyan Antique Rugs | NYC Antique Rug Gallery

Hagop Manoyan has been in the Antique Rug business since 1980 offering a wide variety of authentic carpets and textiles, and rugs specializing above all in Caucasian, Anatolian, Persian, Turkmen, Baluch, and Chinese rugs, along with tribal bags, kilims, soumaks, and other flatweaves. The ages of these rugs vary and each of them have their own unique ancient story. Hagop's enthusiasm and passion for these historical rugs drives his business which has made him a trusted and go to source in this business.

With the invaluable assistance of his wife Kozet, Hagop participates in antique and trade shows all over the United States and Europe. Hagop's displays his antique rug collection at his office-gallery which is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, where he would be more than happy to meet with you, share his knowledge, and answer any questions you may have about any desired rug. If you have any questions about our selection please contact us for information.

International Antique Rug Shipping

Though Hagop is located in New York City, he delivers his vintage rugs worldwide. Hagop feels compelled to give his customers what they want so long distance international shipments are never an issue, so feel free to contact him for more information on international shipping.