Luri rug (123) (996)

Luri rug from Fars province,south west Persia (Iran)

Age: circa 1885

Size: 4'.3"x3'.0" (130x91 cm)

This small and very attractive rug has a basically four panel design in which are set lozenge medallions in dark red,ivory,and light red.In turn these are set on a royal blue sub field and are detailed with semi human figures in various colors.There are side filler triangles in mustard,dark brown,dark red,light red and yellow.The ivory main border has detached multicolor elements with tiny crosses and is flanked by red and green keyhole reciprocals.At the top the minor borders are abrashed.At each end are narrow soumak and kilim finishings and the warps are knotted into a net.All the colors are from natural sources.The rug is in good condition.

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