Fachralo Kazak (409) (980)

Fachralo prayer Kazak rug from southwest Caucasus

Age: circa 1870

Size: 5'.2"x4'.2" ( 157x127 cm)

The emerald green subfield displays a flattened red hexagram containing an en suite ivory motif with a central blue hooked device and colorful quincunxes.There are four yellow boxes,two red latch hooked lozenges and other interesting elements.The main red ground has three octagons and two dark brown motifs at the opposite end.The bold ivory and brown reciprocal main border is flanked by red and blue reciprocal running dog minor borders.Interestingly,the borders narrow at the top end.There is a red and white barber pole surrounding the whole.There are several solid green lines in the border system.The selvedges are banded in pile colors.The handle is soft and pliable.All the colors are from natural sources.The center is evenly low but in general the rug is in good condition.

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