Fachralo Kazak (403) (970)

Fachralo prayer Kazak rug from Southwest Caucasus

Age: circa 1875

Size: 4'.0"x3'.7" (122x109 cm)

This beautiful example has a royal blue subfield with a niche arch,an eight pointed red and ivory nested medallions,two stars and a beetle like motif.The royal blue mihrab is edged by solid red and yellow lines.Both lines are interrupted at the bottom part of the mihrab,a detail appreciated by connoisseurs.The tomato red madder background is decorated with polychrome beetle like elements.The classic and ever popular ivory main border has a zig zag leaf pattern in various colors and is flanked by blue and light green minor borders with tiny multicolor diamonds.There are four red and white barber pole narrow lines in the border system.All the colors are from natural sources.The wool is very soft and velvety.The condition of this attractive rug is good.

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