Beshir carpet (197) - SOLD (938)

Beshir carpet from Middle Amu Darya region,Western Turkmenistan

Age: circa 1820

Measurements: 11'.0"x6'.6" (335x198 cm)

This is one of the earliest Mina Khani design Beshir main carpets known.The attractive madder red field displays a wide variety of colorful,naively drawn rosettes and secondary devices.The field also employs smaller and interesting motifs.The brown main border is wider on one side.All four sides are different in design with the bottom border in a rosette and curved leaf pattern while the upper has a different arrangement of rosettes.The left hand border is particularly narrow and is decorated with extremely formalized rosettes and diamonds while the wider right hand border employs a larger version.A yellow border adds charm to the piece.Surrounding the whole is a narrow red outermost band with connected rosettes.All the colors are from natural sources.The piece has a soft and pliable handle.It is a true collectable with good pile and condition issues such as holes and wear.It is reduced in length visible at the bottom brown main border.SOLD

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