Perepedil rug (382) - SOLD (930)

Perepedil rug from Kuba District,Eastern Caucasus,west coast of the Caspian Sea

Age: circa 1870

Measurements: 3'.11"x3'.10" (119x117 cm)

This unusual square,boldly drawn Perepedil rug displays,on an ivory ground,the iconic ram's horn pattern oriented both vertically and horizontally.There are two central octagons from which develop dragon like palmettes.In addition there are small squares,eight point stars,combs,octagons,snowflakes,tiny flowers and other diminutive elements.Secondary field colors include navy,green,caramel,red,rose and dark brown.The very dark brown main border is patterned with triangulate forms in yellow and ivory and separated by a densely hooked zigzagging blue line.In addition the two matching minor borders have colorful basket weave motifs,there are four barber pole lines and a multicolor sawtooth open inner band at the edges of the field.All the colors are from natural sources.This beautiful rug is in good condition.SOLD

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