Bidjow rug (378) (924)

Bidjow rug from Kuba district,eastern Caucasus

Age: circa 1875

Dimensions: 7'.5"x4'.1" (226x124 cm)

The rich navy ground displays a classic version of the one way Bidjow palmette pattern.The wide range of palmettes includes a column of smaller,but interesting motifs at each side of the field.Detail colors include ivory,two shades of red,green,two shades of blue,yellow and brown.The outer blue and ivory wave or running dog iconic Zeikhour border surrounds an inner two tone red rosette inner border.The broad blue selvedges are made in a fine kilim technique,and at each end is a blue soumak band followed by a knotted warp net.All the colors are from natural sources.The rug is in good condition including the original ends and sides except for some evenly low area in the navy field.The dark brown color is naturally corroded.

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