Khotan carpet (188) (859)

Khotan Kang carpet from east Turkestan,western China

Age: circa 1800

Measurements: 12'.8"x6'.4" (386x193 cm)

This classic Khotan carpet has a soft red field with an allover pattern of rosettes,lozenges,small segments and tiny palmettes reminiscent of the Herati pattern.The main border displays a rainbow wave pattern (Yun Tsao Tou).The inner border is patterned with multicolor boxes and flower heads.The yellow intermediate border has another variant of the rosette and vine motif,and the outermost minor soft red stripe has an attenuated leaf and bud scroll.As is standard there is a narrow plain red frame enclosing the whole.There are the black and blue barber pole lines in between the borders.The colors are from natural sources.The condition is quite good for its age with the original ends and sides present including the flatwoven kilim finishings and some knots but the carpet has been walked on and the field has lower pile than the rest of the piece.There are some wear and old restoration as well.The dark brown color is naturally corroded.The rug is folded at one end to fit the camera.

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