Bidjar poshti (185) - SOLD (847)

Bidjar poshti from North West Persia (Iran),Kurdistan

Age: circa 1880

Dimensions: 2'.8"x2'.5" (81x74 cm)

This uncommon square small Bidjar mat/poshti displays an ivory lozenge medallion on a deep indigo field.Four palmettes radiate from the center of the medallion.At the four points of the medallion are pendants with triple roses.More roses and other Persian flowers give a millefleur character to the field.Still other floral varieties spring into the red corners.The ivory main border is decorated with roses and stylized palmettes on a navy arabesque.The blue minor borders are in a design of connected dots.At each end is a narrow red kilim with soumak technique wrapping.All the colors are from natural sources.The rug is finely woven.The condition of this charming piece is good.SOLD

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