Karagashli rug (353) (845)

Karagashli rug from Kuba District,Eastern Caucasus,west coast of the Caspian Sea

Age: circa 1870

Dimensions: 5'.0"x3'.6" (152x107 cm)

The rare hexagonal single medallion with stepped outlines is vertically flanked by red oval sunburst motifs.The navy field is closely filled with snowflakes,rosettes,and other small geometric devices..Colorful arrow like trefoils project inward at the sides of the field.The golden yellow main border has the iconic Karagashli double dragon pattern executed in navy,ivory,red,blue and green.There are two carnation pattern minor borders in dark brown and blue.In addition there is a red innermost ribbon like meander design stripe.The braided ends are generally intact.All the colors are from natural and vegetable sources.The condition of this attractive rug is good.

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