Gordes prayer rug (55) (815)

Gordes prayer rug from Western Anatolia,Turkey

Age: circa 1800

Dimensions: 4'.11"x4'.0" (150x122 cm)

This extremely fine "Basra" quality Gordes prayer rug displays an open ivory field with two mosaic pattern floating columns terminating in stylized palmettes and with a complex hanging ornament at the apex.The abrashed blue spandrels are decorated with sinuous vines,tiny tulips and delicate vegetal ornaments.The lower panel on a blue ground has four S like motifs of which one is aubergine;the upper light blue panel is decorated with bent stylized leaves forming three separate reserves with detail colors in red,brown,blue and pale yellow.There are seven decorated borders of which the central abrashed green main border has a lotus palmette and rosette design.The secondary borders display reversing carnations,split ovals and a chain pattern.The weave is extremely fine,the white cotton selvedges retain traces of blue silk overcast and at the top end a supplementary silk fringe,now reduced has been added.Significant flatwoven kilim ends remain.The rug has been hanging on a board and the suspension wire is intact.All the colors are from natural sources.The conditon of the rug is quite good for its age with evenly low pile and a small quarter size repair in the middle.

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