Shirvan rug (318) (771)

Shirvan prayer rug from eastern Caucasus

Age: dated 1333=1915 Christian date

Measurements: 5'.7"x4'.4" (170x132 cm)

The field abrashes from yellow to natural light orange and is covered by a hexagonal sawtooth lattice enclosing various styles of flowers forming large V shapes.The pattern continues beneath the ivory pointed mihrab arch into the spandrels.At the apex of the mihrab are two small ivory panels each bearing the date 1333.Interestingly at the outer extensions of the ivory prayer arch are two quasi dates 1203.Furthermore the arch has stylized pigeon forms along with other geometric elements.The main border has a design of hexagons with facing double hook motifs.Ivory triangular fillers separate the major devices.The flanking minor borders employ colorful discs,and in the outer stripe only are in addition double triangular motifs.There are four barber pole lines and an innemost red and blue keyhole reciprocal border.The size is particularly large for the type.All the colors are from natural sources.The condition of the rug is good including the original ends and sides.

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