Yomud carpet (158) (716)

Yomud carpet from western Turkmenistan

Age: circa 1870

Measurements: 7'.10"x5'.6" (239x168 cm)

This unusually sized Dyrnak Gul main carpet displays the classic rich purple red ground on which are two types of hooked Dyrnak Guls in alternating horizontal rows.The Guls in the lower third of the field are closely spaced and have more white details.The Guls in the upper two thirds are more widely spaced and at the top end there are three more elaborate Dyrnak Guls with an attractive burnt orange.The ivory main border consists of open hexagons each enclosing a double hooked Ashik along the sides.Whereas the top and bottom borders are patterned with connected octagons enclosing curled leaves.The red minor borders have colorful stepped diamonds.The colors are from natural sources.The rug is in good condition except for the very last narrow strips missing at both ends.

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