Bergama rug (43) (580)

Bergama double prayer rug from Western Anatolia,Turkey

Age: circa 1850

Measurements: 3'.6"x3'.6" (107x107 cm)

The red center terminates in opposed prayer niches and centers a large pointed archaic medallion.There are diagonally opposed corners in apricot and blue-green.The niches are amplified by wide blue-green bands decorated with abstract leaf pattern.The spandrels display large stylized flowers.There is a blue-green quasi-border in a matching stylized leaf pattern.The outer apricot main border has a delicate scroll with a C-flower design.There are inner and outer red and white barber pole minors.All the colors are from natural sources.The handle is pliable and the wool is velvety.The rug is in good condition.

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