Kasim Usak rug (503) (1144)

Kasim Usak rug from southwest Caucasus

Age: circa 1885

Size: 7'.10"x4'.5" ( 239x135 cm)

This extremely colorful Karabagh area rug shows the characteristic designs:an ivory quatrefoil medallion on a red sub field is positioned by stepped yellow bracket;surrounding navy field displays doubly bent ivory "moustaches".Among other details are:the red bands with bug like palmettes at each end and the small bottle green corners.Scattered around are rosettes,stylized flowers,dotted bars,and other geometric devices.The yellow border abrashes to burnt orange at one end and displays doubly connected upright ashiks.There are two flanking minor borders with blue and dark brown triangle reciprocals and four dashed guard lines.At each end is a macrame warp strip.The red selvedges are intact.All the colors are from natural sources.The handle is soft and chunky.The condition of this attractive rug is good.

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