Soumak rug (246) (1134)

Soumak flatweave from Kuba district,eastern Caucasus,west coast of the Caspian Sea

Age: dated 1307=1889

Size: 5'.4"x5'.4" (163x163 cm)

The abrashed madder red field is centered by two navy lozenges radiating navy palmettes with similar blue paired counterparts above and below.Yellow,light blue,ecru and navy are additional accent colors.At one end are stylized ragged rosettes/palmettes along with a square inscribed with a 1307 date and possibly the weaver's name.There is a small mounted figure,birds,flowers as well as blossoms emanating into the field from the border.All the ivory color is cotton including the main border with a meander and simple palmette pattern.The outer red border with blue triangles is in a zig zag pattern.At each end is a wide well preserved warp net.All the colors are from natural sources.There are several very small places with wear otherwise the piece is in good condition.

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