Sewan Kazak (486) (1115)

Sewan Kazak rug from Armenia,southwest Caucasus 

Age: circa 1880

Size: 7'.4"x4'.8" (224x142 cm)

This Sewan style southwest Caucasian weaving shows a head and foot pattern with a broad central rectangle,all bordered with an ivory band displaying discrete S's and partially edged with dark blue hooks.There are rosettes,dots,quincunxes,pendants and other geometric elements in the field.Further hooks edge the medallion's internal components.The ivory main border employs a version of the serrated leaf and chalice design.The flanking minor borders show dark blue grounds with dot patterns.There are four red and yelow barber pole lines in the border system.There are two shades of aubergine as well as other beautiful colors,all from natural sources.The pile is good and so is the condition.

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