Yomud Asmalyk (236) (1104)

Yomud Asmalyk from western Turkmenistan with original tassels and decoration

Age: circa 1880

Size: 3'.7"x2'.4" (109x71 cm)

The hexagonal lattice design is defined by nested ashiks in ivory,navy,red and burnt orange.The ivory main border shows a cyrga pattern on three sides and a dash design on the upper two sections.The flanking minor borders show reciprocal running dog patterns in navy and red.The outermost ivory border employs a reversing V pattern on one end and broad M design along the sides.There is an additional narrow strip with reversing V design at the bottom part of the piece on an aubergine ground.On three sides is a tablet-woven strip in various colors.The bottom is rich with colorful tassels with lesser ones on the sides and braided hanging ropes at the corners.The top kilim end is hemmed under.All the colors are from natural and vegetable sources.The piece is in good condition.

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