Shirvan rug (477) (1099)

Shirvan prayer rug from eastern Caucasus,west coast of the Caspian Sea

Age: dated 1311: 1893

Size: 4'.6"x3'.9" (137x114 cm)

The navy background of this otherwise classic Shirvan prayer rug is much rarer than the usual ivory fields.A hexagonal leaf lattice displays colorful stylized flowers and partially continues into the spandrels which are also filled with small diamonds,animals,a date and pendants.The ivory pointed niche arch floats and is filled with small rosettes.Similar small rosettes ornament the ivory inner border.The red main border of hooked X's is color-paneled.The inner and main borders are broken by small geometric devices at the ends.The outer dark brown border hosts an X and cross pattern and there is a red and yellow sawtooth around the outer edge of the field.There are four complete barber pole lines in the border system and en suite barber pole lines edge the niche arch.At each end is a narrow flatwoven finish.The weave is fine and the handle is crisp.All the colors are from natural sources.The piece is in good pile and condition.

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