Milas rug (75) (1088)

Ada Milas rug from south west Anatolia (Turkey)

Age: circa 1885

Size: 5'.0"x3'.3" (152x99 cm)

The brick field displays a single column of two tone vegetal forms with projecting small clover leaves.There are seven borders:the major border features a geometric ivory meander separating two red shades and sprouting colorful carnations.In addition the border system includes a triangle mosaic,a zig zag reciprocal,a geometric tendril with leafy stems,an ivory surround with colorful stars and two narrow barber pole lines.At each end is a red flatwoven strip and at the top is an aditional warp macrame band.All the colors are from natural sources.The rug is in good pile and condition except for a very small repair on the left selvedge visible from the picture. 

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