Sewan Kazak (461) (1067)

Sewan Kazak rug from southwest Caucasus

Age: circa 1870

Size: 5'.9"x4'.5" (175x135 cm)

This unusual small format Sewan Kazak features an interesting counterpoint of a red field and moss green extended medallion.The ivory central motif is tonally repeated in the S-bearing surround and main border.Other field ornaments include boxes,colorful lateral hooks,dark blue triangles and botehs.The ivory main border has a close chain of crab like motifs in green,and two reds.The two abrashed light blue minor borders show S pattern and there are three multicolor barber pole lines and one bitonal line.At the top end the blue flatweave is hemmed under while at the bottom the rose plain weave is hemmed over.The selvedges are widely banded in pile colors.The piece is well woven,the wool is soft and the handle is meaty.All the colors are from natural sources.This high end piece is in good condition.

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