Khamseh carpet (130) (1059)

Khamseh carpet from south west Persia (Iran)

Age: circa 1875

Size: 8'.8"x4'.11" (264x150 cm)

On the cream field are six rows of mother and child doubled botehs in navy,and red with secondary colors including green,blue,yellow and dark brown.There is a particularly amusing background scatter of small flowers,squares,lazy S's,botehs and other vegetal forms.The red main border shows simple palmettes,rosetttes,botehs on an angular meander.The flanking minor borders show diagonal bars and stylized flowers on a navy ground.There are three barber pole lines present.At each end is a navy and white checkerboard strip and a zig zag separating bar.In addition at the top end is a plain weave followed by a weft float line and the remains of a macrame finish.All the colors are from natural sources.The condition of this attractive carpet is good.

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