Khamseh bag (222) (1054)

Khamseh bird bag from south west Persia (Iran)

Age: circa 1890

Size: 1'.0"x0'.11" (30x28 cm)

The madder red field is decorated by a medium blue central diamond enclosing small rosettes and pointed arrowhead finials.The red ground displays four blue chickens and various rosettes framing the ground and other interesting tiny elements.The medium blue border employs stylized triangle boteh pattern.The closure panels have tabs with geometric soumak motifs and are flanked by navy and ivory checkerboard panels followed by two blue,green and red weft float technique finishings and a burgundy kilim strip.The back is striped in red,blue,green,navy,burgundy and burnt orange.All the colors are from natural sources.The piece is in good condition.

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