Shakarlou rug (129) - SOLD (1052)

Qashqai Shakarlou rug from south west Persia (Iran)

Age: circa 1875

Size: 7'.8"x5'.8" (234x173 cm)

The unusual red madder field of this Qashqai square rug displays large stylized peacocks,lions,birds,volute knots,slanted serrated leaves,rosettes,color samplers,squares,hooked elements,and a wide variety of other geometric motifs.Edging the field is a triangle and a zig zag design.The classic ivory border employs a connected hooked hexagon repeat.Several barber poles and a small S pattern minor complete the frame.At the bottom end is an additional piled band with a checkerboard in blue,dark brown,red and green,followed by a flatwoven strip.At the top end,unusually,there is a very narrow checkerboard design and long warp fringes.Overall detail colors include burgundy,navy,yellow,red,green,blue,ivory and dark brown.All the colors are from natural sources.The rug has a soft and pliable handle.The condition of this very attractive piece is good.SOLD

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