Afshar rug (128) (1043)

Afshar rug from south east Persia (Iran)

Age: circa 1895

Size: 5'.4"x4'.2" (163x127 cm)

This south east Persian presents a deep indigo ground with a diagonal pattern of Gol-i Farangi flower bouquets accented in ivory,red,straw,light blue and medium blue.The pattern is probably textile derived.The piece has six borders:an ivory stripe with angular flower and tendril design;a reciprocal ram's horn border;a red connected flower motif;a ribbon pattern narrow stripe and two running dog red and navy guard lines.At each end is a red kilim strip.The red selvedges are intact.The weave is fine and compact.All the colors are from natural sources.The rug is in good condition.

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