Shirvan rug (443) (1034)

Shirvan prayer rug from eastern Caucasus,west coast of the Caspian Sea

Age: dated 1310=1892

Size: 5'.2"x4'.4" (157x132 cm)

The old ivory field which continues through the spandrels,features a serrated hexagonal lattice enclosing diagonal row of flowers of several distinct types with a necklace design.The doubly serrated and pointed mihrab arch has a colorful rhomboid pattern.The rug is dated 1310 twice.Detail tones include bottle green,red,blue,yellow and brown.The classic red main border displays a multicolor barred S motif,the outermost stripe presents and X and cross design and there is an inner reciprocal black and blue guard.There are three black and white barber pole lines.The mihrab is bordered by the same barber pole.At each end is a kilim followed by knotted warps.All the colors are from natural sources.The condition of the rug is good including the original ends.

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