Bordjalou Kazak (442) (1032)

Bordjalou prayer Kazak rug from Southwest Caucasus

Age: dated 1874

Size: 5'.1"x4'.2" (155x127 cm)

The tomato red field of this iconic Bordjalou prayer Kazak rug displays two light blue fringed hexagon medallions,five small octagon cartouches and two larger panels in lime green.There are four cross motifs and a few tiny rosettes.The re-entrant arch at the bottom and the mihrab arch above are both in light blue.Light blue also grounds the plain innermost border and two additional plain guard lines.A complex reciprocal pattern is dublicated in red and green and ivory and dark brown in the border system.There are six narrow barber pole lines present.There is a date panel within the mihrab showing 1291.All the colors are from natural sources.The rug is in good condition except for some evenly low areas and the ends are missing a couple of lines.


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