Hagop's Origins

Hagop Manoyan was born in one of Turkey's major cities, Istanbul, to Armenian parents in 1964. Later in life, he moved to London in 1989 where he was exposed to European culture, taste, collecting styles and general market trends. He eventually moved to New York in 1994 to further expand his contacts and develop a business trading in high quality antique rugs.

Hagop's Business

Hagop primarily deals in antique rugs and carpets. Along with authentic carpets, he also has an abundance of textiles of all kinds, but above all, he specializes in Caucasian, Anatolian, Persian, Turkmen, Baluch rugs and those of Europe as well. He also offers tribal trappings and bags, along with kilims, soumaks and other flatweaves. Together with the invaluable assistance of his wife Kozet, who is very helpful in every aspect of the business, Hagop remains one of the most active dealers of collectible and tribal rugs, participating in antique and trade shows all over the United States and Europe. antique carpets rugs

Caucasian Rugs

The colors of prime antique Caucasian rugs were produced primarily from exclusive natural materials found in the respective tribal regions from which they originate. Some notable colors are red,green,vivid yellow,blue,aubergine,burnt orange and vibrant rose tones being the most precious. The majority of older Caucasian antique tribal carpets are "all wool"; not only the knotted pile, but the warp and weft threads are usually made from hand-spun woolen yarn.

Anatolian Rugs

Turkish rugs are sometimes also called Anatolian rugs. The oldest Turkish carpets found originate in the 13th century and can be found in the museums and private collections, which for a long time was the center for Turkish carpet manufacturing. Carpets that were made in the 16th and 17th century are fully comparable with the Persian carpets. Those carpets are always tied with a Turkish knot, also called Ghiordes knot or Turkbaff .

Persian Rugs

Persia, the ancient Persian name of what is now modern Iran, is known to be the world's most superior culture in carpet manufacturing. The art of weaving and dying is evidently inherited, and carpets of all styles and sizes are made here, making ancient Persian rugs one of the most collectable and decorated antiques in the world.

persian rugs

Contact Hagop

His office-gallery is located in Midtown Manhattan where he would be happy to meet with you, share his knowledge, and answer any questions you may have. Click here to schedule a meeting or for more informations on Hagop's business.