Antique Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Hagop also specializes in rug cleaning as well as carpet restoration, which requires an enormous amount of care compared to cleaning modern day rugs. He caters to antique rugs as well as new carpets but the antique rugs demand a different process which varies with the materials used during the ancient times these carpets were created. Hagop works closely with numerous professional rug cleaning companies with the end result being extraordinary.

Vintage Rug Cleaning

This procedure is not as easy as it may sound. Before washing a carpet you must get rid of the dust, after that you can proceed to soak the whole carpet into a pool and wash it with a special soap, softener and necessary liquids. Every rug is different so one has to be careful and evaluate each rug carefully because of the unique materials which vary from each type of rug. After the wash is complete, there is a drying period after all that most carpets need to be brushed and the pile softened. If it is not done professionally you may experience color run and other damages to the piece. Contact today for a FREE quote!