Customer Testimonials


Here are what Hagop’s clients have said about his antique rugs and his business!


Hagop is certainly one of the very best rug dealers in the U.S.! His inventory is always interesting, varied, beautifully colorful, old and in excellent condition. A trusted, knowledgeable and friendly colleague.
-George Fine
Elegant selections of Kazak rugs in NYC!! My friendly advice is go in person and see the rugs yourself. Very detailed color rugs over 100+ years. Photos do not do justice. He is located in Flatiron District.. Thank you Mr. Hagop Great Gentleman.
-Daniel Khan
His Rugs are truly authentic. It’s hard to come by honest sellers like Hagop Manoyan.
-Software HTec
Is there a 6 star? Hagop is one of the best sources for amazing and valued selection of excellent collectible and decorative carpets- one in a million- should you be in need of experience, his selections have his signature of best, and only best in the east coast.
-Mehran Farahbakhsh
One of the best in the business . I’ve done deals with Hagop for years and have always come out well.
-Jeff Dworsky
Long time satisfied customer. Hagop is one of the exception dealers in the United States. Some of the very best collectibles.
-Barry O’Connell
Outstanding Service! If you have any questions, need education, or want to invest and purchase one of the best rugs in the city this is the place to visit. Trust me! One of kind service.
-Joshua Cosenza
Hagop Manoyan has a wonderful selection of rugs and he is extremely knowledgeable about all of them. I especially appreciate that he takes the time to educate the buyer so that a person can choose the rug that is just right!
-Laurence de Looze
I have purchased six antique rugs from Hagop Manoyan during the past four years. I love each one of them, and that fact is as important to Hagop as it is to me. He takes great pride in his rugs, he only buys pieces he loves, and then his mission is to find what you love. He is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend him most highly.
-David E
I truly would recommend Hagop for anyone interested in acquiring collectible oriental rugs. After having a bad experience with my original efforts at starting a collection,an acknowledged authority in the field referred me to Hagop.I have done all my purchasing with him ever since.His experience is unsurpassed in evaluating quality and authenticity in a genre where skilled deceptions present a serious risk.I have bought with complete confidence from him and look forward to continuing to grow my collection with the help of his guidance.
-Victor Xyz
Mr. Manoyan is a wonder: a marvelous combination of impeccable taste, wide knowledge, fairness, and trustworthiness. His collection, while relatively small, is always stocked with beautiful and rare treasures.
-M Zinman
Hagop has great experience with antique rugs and is straightforward and honest. He has a good reputation among experienced collectors.
-Michael Lubin
I have purchased over a dozen antique rugs from Hagop Manoyan; each has been a small gem. His taste is superb, the quality of the rugs is impeccable, and his prices are more than fair. Most important, he is straightforward, highly informative,and above all,honest.He has always let me try the rugs at home,and has been a consummate gentleman in every transaction.I cannot recommend him more highly.
-Katherine Wenning
I have known Mr. H. Manoyan for over 20 years. We have done business together-buying, selling, consulting and appraising high end and antique rugs from Caucasus region, Persia/Iran, Turkey/Anatolia, Central Asia and China, etc.
He is reliable and honest rug merchant.His knowledge of antique rugs is beyond imagination.Many time i have relied on his advise on some rugs and textiles that i had difficulty to identify and he has always come to my rescue.
-Joseph Bezdjian
My wife and I were looking for a rug of a somewhat unusual size. Our regular dealer in Milwaukee did not have anything. Rather than travel to NYC I emailed a few dealers highly rated in a blog on NYC oriental rug dealers. Hagop earned his rating and more. Within a few days he had sent us photos of several rugs of the appropriate size, all antique. The one we chose was most fairly priced. It is a 90 year old Heriz in a classic pattern and a real gem. Hagop allowed us to see it in the room in our home before we had to decide. If we had declined the rug we would have shipped it back to him. We loved the rug so the deal was concluded.
-Baron Perlman
I have been collecting antique oriental rugs and saddle bags for almost 30 years. Several of my favorite pieces came from Hagop.He is one of the most honest and knowledgeable antique rug dealers I’ve met and he is a pleasure to work with.If you are looking for an antique rug or other weaving i can’t think of a better place to start your journey.
-Jim Adashek
One of the most serious colleagues I have met in this business being myself a dealer since 1992. Highly recommended!
-Gebhart Blazek
Hagop is one of the finest rug/textile dealers with whom I have dealt in 30 years of collecting. He is honest, friendly, and very knowledgeable. His inventory is top notch, and the condition of his pieces is typically superb. I enjoy hearing his opinion about pieces. I check his website often.
-Henry Frierson
Hagop is a friend and colleague for whom I have the greatest fondness and respect as a gentleman and connoisseur of textile art as well as dealer of the highest probity and discernment. I am always happy to recommend him as an honest source of top quality collectible and decorative rugs and textiles.
-John Wertime
An honest and highly knowledgeable first rate dealer with quality genuine material. Hagop find’s and stocks some of the best Caucasian, Anatolian, and Persian pieces available. As an added benefit he is very friendly and personable. A versatile dealer for both the advanced collector and the discerning tasteful decorator.
-Arts Rug Show
I have known Hagop for over 25 years he has high standards in business ethics and in the quality of his merchandise.
-Richard Purdon
What is as compelling as Hagop Manoyan’s A+ collection of mouth-watering (eye-watering?) rugs, his accessible website, his easy manner with people and willingness to share his vast stores of expertise and knowledge—is his affinity for the equally beautiful game of soccer.What more could someone ask for?Check him out!You see for yourself.
-Joyce Cole
I have had the pleasure of knowing Hagop for over 20 years. He is a wonderful person who I enjoy doing business with. He is passionate about tribal rugs and is always willing to share his knowledge.
-Alan Rothblatt
Hagop is an Honest & Caring business professional featuring the finest in Antique Rugs to be found. You won”t go wrong with ANY purchase. I Know !!! What a pleasure to work with him.
-Julie Taub
Best source for antique rugs in New York. Hagop is very knowledgeable and a pure gentleman,great experience.
-Ara Mavyan
I have bought 4 antique Caucasian rugs from Hagop Manoyan. My interest in these rugs started initially just by seeing them in books. Then I looked into the very few carpets shops in Norway without finding what I was looking for. So I started by buying a few cheaper carpets at e-bay and from there I moved on to a dealer in Istanbul. Then I found Hagop through his advertisements on the internet, and I stayed with him as a dealer. Hagop is very kind, polite and always helpful. I can even ask him questions about other carpets I find on the internet. He is always ready to share his expertise and give me good advice. When I at one occasion needed to change a rug I had bought from him half a year earlier, there was no trouble at all. Living on the outskirts of the world as far as antique Caucasian carpets is concerned I cannot praise Hagop’s help and expertise high enough. I simply rely on him. Beautiful carpets from a totally trustworthy dealer. I give him my highest recommendation.
-Tulla Elieson
I have purchased four antique Caucasian rugs from Hagop Manoyan over the past several years.
Looking at, and learning about, these beautiful rugs from someone as knowledgeable and personable as Hagop has always made this experience a great pleasure.
-Robert Carlisle
I am a customer and admirer of Mr Manoyan. He is extremely knowledgeable and honest which is a difficult combination to find.
-Dr.Nelson A Terzian
Very honest and straightforward to deal with, with a great understanding and great rugs, highly recommended.
-Michael Hawes
Lovely antique bidjow soumak. Transaction (including fast international shipping) was very smooth.
-Michael Ufford
Hagop is NYC’s top dealer in collectible antique rugs 101%.
-Sam C
A large number of excellent Caucasian rugs.
-Ivan Soenderholm
Best address for Caucasians in New York.
-Andrea Coen