Hagop Buys Old Vintage Carpets and Used Antique Rugs!

Hagop Manoyan has been in the business of buying and selling antique rugs since 1980. If you have an old rug and and you are interested in discovering the price of the rug, please email Hagop Manoyan from our contact us page. He is very interested in what you have to offer.


Antique Carpets and Rugs

As an enthusiast, Hagop is extremely passionate about antiques, along with authentic carpets, he also has an abundance of textiles of all kinds, but above all, he specializes in authentic Caucasian Rugs, Anatolian Rugs, Persian Rugs, Turkmen Rugs, Baluch Rugs and those of Europe as well. Hagop will be happy to evaluate your rug and will offer pristine market value for such antique rug. If your rug meets his standards, Hagop will purchase as well as guarantee payment.Get in touch today.