Now you own an antique oriental rug.How do you keep it looking good?First of all,regularly vacuum,but be careful of the ends and sides especially the fringes and the side cords.Have it professionally cleaned every year or two,depending on the traffic.Rotate your rugs.Turn them around,or every six months in service,in storage for six months and replace accordingly.If you own pets make sure they are well behaved.Spills should be cleaned up immediately and serious stains should be professionally treated.If the rugs are valuable they must be insured.All rugs should be moth proofed once a year and those in storage should be tightly wrapped with just newspaper or mothballs.Any issues concerning damage whether to the ends,sides or pile of the rug should be attended to immediately.Holes or tears can only get worse in use,therefore prompt professional restoration is essential.A skilled restorer will be able to match the weave texture and colors precisely.Accept nothing less.Any rug found to be damp or wet must be dried immediately and completely, and should be sprayed with Lysol.Colors should be checked for color runs.A professional should be called immediately.Any smoke damaged rug also requires immediate attention:A thorough cleaning and odor treatment.Sunlight weakens colors of rugs with chemical dyes.Call a professional if you have questions about your rug or carpet: 1-212-532-4614