Not every work of art is a painting on the wall.The good quality antique oriental rug is the most important artistic creation of a wide cultural milieu reaching from Morocco to Central Asia.For centuries art on the floor has taken the pride of place in many societies. Each quality antique rug contains designs, techniques, colors and  crafts particular to its origin.Many rugs,like paintings,are individual artistic creations and should be considered the self expressions of weavers.Although rugs are traditional art forms and follow particular conventions as to style and technique,there is plenty of room for idiosyncratic expression.Tribal and village rugs are personal works of art.City carpets are the result of collective activity on the part of designers,dyers and weavers.Rugs are so endearing that not only are they placed on the floor but hung on the wall and there are even enthusiasts who structure their entire lifestyles around them.Many of the most artistically significant rugs and carpets are among the most important treasures of major museums.Artists have always considered them important enough to feature in their own works,especially portraits,still lifes and historical representations.Every picture tells a story.Rugs are pictures.They have stories to tell. Learn about them and they will talk to you.Treat them like you do with your other valuables.

Please look after them. Enjoy. Call a professional if you have questions about your rug or carpet:1-212-532-4614