Hagop Manoyan Offering Free Antique Carpet Appraisal Seminars


Hagop Manoyan, founder of an antique rug company in New York City, is now offering antique rug appraisal seminars to help collectors and beginners spot rugs of the highest quality.

Over the years, Hagop Manoyan has managed to build up a wealth of knowledge and experience about antique rugs. He certainly knows the difference between a high quality rug and a poor quality one. He is looking to share his knowledge and experience with others through his monthly antique rug seminar. Here are some areas which will be covered:

1) The true value of antique rugs.

Antique rugs have often been compared with paintings because both items are collectibles. However, the prices differ greatly due to several reasons. Hagop Manoyan, through his daily dealing with experienced collectors and dealers understands the buyer psychology behind antique rugs. In his seminars, he will discuss the elements that influence the price of the rugs.

2) How to spot quality antique rugs.

Manoyan sells some of the finest handmade Caucasian, Anatolian, and Persian rugs. To an outsider, these rugs appear ordinary. Those who know little about rugs will not be able to tell the difference between a really good rug, and one that is of mediocre quality. This makes the buying process cumbersome for beginners.

Through his seminars, Hagop hopes to correct this situation. Rug lovers and true collectors have intimate knowledge about rugs. They are able to assess an examine the items, and make a sound buying decision. Without the right knowledge, a buyer could be misled into thinking that a mediocre rug is worth a high price. Mistakes can be exceedingly costly as antique rugs can cost a lot of money.

3) History and background of rugs.

Individuals can expect to walk out of the seminar with some real knowledge about antique rugs. Don't forget you cannot learn rugs in a day or two. You need to read carpet books, touch and examine them. Also you need to see good and low quality rugs to see the difference and definitely need a good advisor.

For example, weaving a handmade rug requires a combination of numerous talents. These talents include having an artistic flair, a good eye for color harmony, and knowledge of mathematics. The best rugs reflect the love, knowledge, personality and culture of the weaver.

Long ago, rugs were weaved out of love. The act of weaving rugs involved the bonding between mothers and daughters. In other words, immense love and patience surrounded these weaving acts. In those days, relationships were all that mattered. Profit making was never an agenda.