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What the Mandells had to say about Hagop’s Antique Rugs and Carpets

Please note that this review is written by my husband, an avid rug collector.
I’ve had extremely positive experiences with Hagop. He’s extremely knowledgeable, experienced and, like the very best dealers, passionate about his craft and his inventory. Although Hagop’s inventory isn’t as large as those of some dealers, it’s extremely high quality – in my experiences, the best of over 35 merchants with whom I’ve worked. His pieces are always in good to excellent condition and usually have some element(s) that make them especially unique. I have a number of his pieces prominently displayed in my house at all times and the more I view them, the more impressed by and attached to them I become – a hallmark of the best rugs. I’ve also been struck by Hagop’s palpable sense of pride and happiness when I discuss my deep satisfaction with the rugs that I’ve purchased from him, a reflection of his passion for his unique craft. For those who truly enjoy collecting antique carpets and rugs, I would strongly recommend that you talk to Hagop if you’ve not already done so. You won’t be disappointed.
Hillary Mandell

What KATHERINE Wenning has to say about Hagop’s Antique Rugs and Carpets

I have purchased over a dozen antique rugs from Hagop Manoyan; each has been a small gem. His taste is superb, the quality of the rugs is impeccable, and his prices are more than fair. Most important, he is straightforward, highly informative, and above all, honest. He has always let me try the rugs at home, and has been a consummate gentleman in every transaction. I cannot recommend him more highly.